Our vision is to become one of the leading building materials company and to establish a one stop building materials supply in Panchmahals District.

Our mission is to establish a world – class building materials business that will make available a wide range of building materials from top manufacturing brands at affordable prices to the end users.



Shree Trading is a leading firm by providing best quality products and services to our valuable customers since many years. Throughout our history, we’ve succeeded by providing a wide range of building material solutions to our clients and delivering a whole lot of quality work.

Our Products

We have all types of products to be used in building materials.

We Have Ambuja Cement, Ambuja Roof Special And Ambuja Cool Walls.

We Have Wide Range Of Nerolac Interior & Exterior Wall Paints And Metal Enamel Paints.

We Have Tata Tiscon 500, Tata Tiscon SD, Tata Tiscon Footing & Superlinks TMT Rebars.


We Have Polaad TMT Bars For Securing Shapes For Your Building.

We Have Kothi TMT Bars To Build Your Home Or Building.

We Have God TMT Bars In Various Size I.E. 8mm, 10 Mm, 12 Mm To Upto 32 Mm.

We Have Construction Chemical, Repair Products And Water Proofing Products.

We Have Bandhan TMT Bars Products Like Grade Fe 500, Grade Fe 500D.

Our Services

We provide all types of customer services which is provided by the building material brand that you have purchased. We provide best quality products and customer satisfaction through our services.

Steel that Build Your Home – TATA Tiscon 500 D is a High Strength Ribbed TMT Reinforcement Bar. The consistency is Strength Across the Rebar is maintained by reducing the Impurities. 

Ambuja Cements – Known for its strength, High performance Cement. Caters to each of its three segments – Individual Home Builders (IHBs), Masons and Contactors and Pro.

Solutions with the latest construction technology – We have Dr. Fixit’s All types of Construction Chemicals, Repair Renovate Products and Waterproofing Products. 

Beautify your Home with Nerolac Paints – Pick from the Most Beautiful Decor from around world and take a step towards creating art. 

Contact Us

Contact Information

Founder – Mr. Himanshu Patel

Address : Shree Trading Company, Near M G S HIGH SCHOOL, Kalol, Gujarat 389330

Email: shreetradingkalol@gmail.com
Phone: (+91)9825396881

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